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Mirage – the all-rounder

• Local and online music stream
• All popular music formats
• Audiophile, uncompressed quality
• Convenient to manage and operate

The digital age of music

The age of CDs is nearing its end. But even those who still have a CD collection and will be purchasing music on CDs in the future can easily make their music available on a hard drive to conveniently use with Mirage. Music is now also available online through web radio or streaming services and is being streamed to homes by internet connection.

Autonomic Mirage Audio System

Mirage is the all-rounder

Mirage is the all-rounder in your home. It combines music on a single platform regardless where it’s coming from, making it available through a convenient app for tablets and smartphones. Clearly arranged, you can browse your music by title, artist, album or genre and create personal playlists.

Mirage is future-proof

Mirage is future-proof. It supports all current music formats. Software updates ensure Mirage will be compatible with future music formats.

Mirage is flexible

Mirage means flexibility, since you can either listen to your music in one room or expand Mirage to be a multi-room system. Play music in up to 96 zones.

Mirage is convenience

Mirage means convenience. The TuneBridge function allows you to easily display other albums, tracks or similar artists based off of what's now playing on your favorite streaming music service, e.g. Spotify, or from your personal music collection. Discover new music by simply browsing between services without having to think about it. TuneBridge is the ultimate music discovery and exploration tool that bridges the gap between your local music collection and your favorite streaming services.

Mirage is audiophile

Mirage is audiophile. After all uncompressed digital music means complete listening pleasure. Your music is played in exactly the quality stored on the hard drive.