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Music hub for the entire house

• Simple living room solution or
• Multi-room throughout the house
• for up to 6 persons
• Individual playlists and favorites

Your personal situation determines

Single Room or multi-room:

Mirage is your music hub in the living room and when desired spreads music throughout the house. Play different music in every room or the same music in all rooms with party mode. The flexibility of Mirage allows you to operate your system as a single room or multi-room solution. The system concept allows the necessary zones and rooms to be expanded and adjusted to your personal living situation, even if it changes.

The Mirage Media Server, MMS-5A gives you all the options. By default it is configured for up to a 6-person household. That means, up to 6 people can listen to their favorite music separately and manage their own playlists and favorites. Anybody in the household can listen to their music in the room they’re in. That’s convenient and progressive.

Depending on the number of rooms where you wish to make music available, the MMS-5A is connected to the required Mirage multizone amplifier, which spreads music throughout the house.

Autonomic Mirage Audio System the serverAutonomic Mirage Audio System - the amplifiers

Media Server

The media server is the core of the digital Mirage Audio System. It combines all music sources on a single platform, whether it's local music stored on the internal hard drive, including your iTunes collection, music stored on an external NAS drive, or your favorite online streaming services or web radio. The MMS-2A or MMS-5A manages your music and allows for convenient control access via the Mirage Media Controller iOS or Android app.
Depending on the model it’s configured for a 3 or 6 person household. Airplay allows each person to also play music from their own iPhone or iPad to the media server.

Multi-zone amplifier

The M-400 and M-800 amplifiers distribute the music played from the server to the individual rooms within the home. Both amplifiers can be combined and distribute music to up to 96 rooms. The Mirage Media Controller app allows the music source and volume to be controlled in each room separate from the other rooms. Depending on the living situation and room use, several rooms can be grouped to a large audio zone, or play the same music throughout the house.